We regret to inform you that the PAPA Festival will not be happening this summer.  We're stepping back and looking at a variety of options, including a mix of local and regional gatherings for the future.  Lord willing, we will have something planned for next summer.  If you are interested in helping plan and carry-out future events, let us know at


Below you will find a list of events already planned for this summer.  If you're having a gathering this summer that you want to invite others to, please let us know at and we will add it to the list. Please note:  We are compiling the information, but we are not officially endorsing any events.


Washington DC Community of Communities
When: Monthly, usually the 1st Tuesday
Where: various communites in the Washington, DC area
Cost: Free
Topical discussion, sharing, and praying together.  Anyone who lives in community or is interested in community may come.
Contact Brian Gorman ( for details.


TransFORM East Coast Gathering
When: April 30-May 2, 2010
Where: Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington, DC
Cost: Free with Pre-Registration
A gathering for missional practitioners on the East Coast to learn from each other and to mobilize others for forming new missional communities.
Register at


Spring Gathering for New York City Communities
When: May 1, 2010
Where: The Cloisters, Manhattan, New York, NY
Cost: Free
A gathering for anyone living in community or interested in the idea. We'll have time to talk, get to know one another, and even do some worship.
Contact Amy Stebeno ( for details.


US Social Forum
When: June 22-26, 2010
Where: Detroit, MI
Cost: $10-100
The US Social Forum (USSF) is a movement building process. It is not a
conference but it is a space to come up with the peoples’ solutions to the
economic and ecological crisis. They are interested in exploring the intersection of faith, contemplation, and social action.
Learn more at


West Coast Gathering of Co-Conspiring Communities
When: Sometime in July/August 2010
Where: Portland, OR
Cost: Probably some help with food costs
A weekend gathering of communities and organizations following Christ in Kingdom work from along the west coast of the U.S. The gathering will be to meet other like-minded people, share ideas, pray, and plot goodness together!
Contact Dan Holcomb ( for details.


Screening of Jamie Moffett's latest film "Return to El Salvador"
When: Summer and Fall 2010
Where: Cities throughout the US
Cost: a movie ticket
"Return to El Salvador" brings the struggles of this beleaguered country back into view. You are introduced to a Salvadoran couple who fled death threats in the 1980s, finding asylum and a political platform in the United States. You will learn of a couple who, after escaping during the war, returned to El Salvador to work with churches and poor communities. And you will hear from the family of a murdered anti-mining activist and the people seeking the truth about his death.This film explores the hopes of the Salvadoran people and helps find significant ways to walk with them in their journey.
Learn more at


Christian Community Development Association Conference
When: September 7-11, 2010
Where: Chicago, IL
Cost: $294, but many discounts are available
The Christian Community Development Association began 20 years ago when Dr. John Perkins, a Mississippi sharecropper's son, and Dr. Wayne "Coach" Gordon, an inner-city Chicago transplant from Iowa, invited 150 friends to Lawndale Community Church in Chicago for a time of fellowship with like-minded people and training around best practices. These friends were people like Mary Nelson, Bob Lupton and Glen Kehrein - individuals who had committed their lives to serving the poor, but who felt isolated in the midst of it. Every fall since that first conference in 1989, CCDA has held a National Conference, traveling to a different US city each year. What began as a group of friends gathering in a church has become a movement that draws conference attendees from around the globe!
Learn more at


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